The Rules

This game will use a combination of the Warhammer 40k and Deathwatch RPG rules.

The missions will be broken up into small table-top battles with rp elements, and pure rp sections inbetween.

The table-top sections will use the standard WH 40k rules with the following modifications:

Squad Cohesion

Like in Deathwatch the squad will have Cohesion pool that refreshes at the start of each battle. In this case, however, it will act as a pool of extra wounds that all members of the squad can draw from when their starting wounds run out.

The Cohesion pool in equal tothe total of all of the Kill Team member’s fate points.

If there is no more Cohesion left, or if the player decides not to take any so as not to drain the pool for others, then that marine is incapacitated.

An incapacitated marine cannot move, shoot or assault unless he spends fate points (see Fate Points), or is revived by a teammate.

To revive an incapacitated marine another marine must move into base contact with the incapacitated marine and spend the shooting phase reviving him. Both marines may fire snap shots in that shooting phae, but neither may run or assault that turn.

A marine may only revive one other marine per turn.

An apothicary with a narthecium may revive any number of marines within 6" during his shooting phase.

The Rules

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